There was a lot of feedback on the proposed architecture, with only one building coming under immense scrutiny – this being the stilted building on the waterfront. We’ve listened - and are now back to the drawing board on what will be developed in this location.

We also received many responses from the public on how special Shelly Bay Taikuru is and the need to ensure quality of design, making it distinctive from other developments, and maintaining the uniqueness of its location. We believe the Shelly Bay Taikuru Design Guide and Master plan responds to this; however we will be taking our thinking one step further and will engage a collective of leading national and local architects and designers who have crafted some of Wellington’s most iconic places to come together and form a design collective. Their mandate will be to actively collaborate in designing what will be Wellington’s coolest little new community.

The check and balance of what will be finally developed will still grow through a design panel to ensure all aspects of the master plan and design guide are ascribed to.