Shelly Bay Taikuru is currently a serviced site like most developed locations in Wellington. The infrastructure hasn’t been upgraded since being constructed, awaiting a full and final development solution for the site. The land owners have being paying rates (just like any other owner - who expects to be able to flush their toilet, turn on their taps for drinking water and drive their car on a road to get to their home).

The redevelopment of Shelly Bay Taikuru provides the long awaited development solution for the site and the developer will be meeting 50% of the costs. The Council will meet the other 50% - capped at $10million. The site’s infrastructure will be upgraded, enhanced public places will be developed, buildings currently owned by Council will be upgraded, jobs will be created (both in the construction and eventual activities located on the site) and 350 much needed new homes will be built - all resulting in a significant rating base and a place for all of Wellington to enjoy.