The connection between mana whenua and Shelly Bay Taikuru is of huge importance to the Partnership. This is reflected in the Design Guide and in putting this into practice we will be going one step further; establishing an ‘Artist in Residence’ programme, which will provide artists with affiliations to Taranaki Whanui the chance to live, work and contribute to the transformation of Shelly Bay Taikuru’s public spaces. The ‘Artists in Residence’ programme will continue after completion, with the aim of creating a hub for commercialising the arts and other artisan industries that presently operate, in Shelly Bay Taikuru’s commercial precinct.

A crucial question asked by many was how Taranaki Whānui will benefit. Taranaki Whānui also have a Right of First Refusal to acquire all fully developed commercial properties at their nomination, without incurring any of the normal development risk, or having to compete with the market.