Yes, traffic will inevitably increase as a result of the development. However, it is not as bad as has been made out. We have asked our traffic engineers to provide further guidance on the effects of traffic derived from the development. The findings of this additional analysis can be found here and here

We will be addressing traffic concerns well beyond what we are required to do:

  • We will provide a dedicated private bus service between City and Shelly Bay.
  • We will be locking the Ferry in as a first step! For this we need access to Council’s landholding, and we need to make a sizeable upfront investment.
  • We will be introducing MEVO car sharing into Shelly Bay.
  • In becoming New Zealand’s first large scale Green Star Community, we will be exploring ways in which to encourage car sharing, and to embrace alternative forms of transport, including the public transport proposed.

We believe this is more than any other person, developer or entity is doing to mitigate their traffic impacts on the Eastern Bays - we would challenge others to step up and do their bit!